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Can water kefir boost your immune system?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We have all realised in recent years why looking after our immune systems, body and mind is so important. Nothing like a pandemic to make you sit up and take notice of how we are taking care of ourselves, we have to give ourselves a break though right? I think most of us were a little bit sick of the home fitness videos piling in hard on the gram.

But in all seriousness we should make the effort to take care of the system that works endlessly to keep us fit and healthy, our immune system works hard against germs, cell changes, and harmful substances. Take that lunch time stroll, keep your five a day up, along with staying hydrated, and my personal favourite, getting a good nights sleep. This is the very basics of taking care of yourself - can you honestly say you do this?

Water kefir is a delicious, sweet and sour beverage that is alive with nutritious yeasts and good bacteria. It packs a powerful punch of probiotics! Rich in B vitamins, particularly B12 it's the perfect pick-me-up.

What can Water Kefir offer you?

  • Promotes good digestion daily

  • Stimulates vitality

  • Pleasant substitute